5th Annual Conference.
End of life Care: promoting access with excellence
IX National Meeting of the Argentine Association of Medicine and Palliative Care
First Argentine Conference on Palliative Care Research

November 8th and 9th 2018 | National Academy of Medicine | Buenos Aires | Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is known as the most European city in South America. Its architecture is characterized by its eclectic nature, with elements that resemble Barcelona, Paris and Madrid. Due to immigration, there is a mixture of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Gothic and French Bourbon styles.

It is a cultural city per excellence, where you can choose activities related to tango, art exhibitions, antiques, music and theater, gourmet and wines. Its streets are full of cafes and restaurants. You can enjoy local passions such as the euphoria of football matches, tango danced in the milongas and the famous Argentine asado .

Colon Theatre

One of the Argentinean icons of art, music and dance, it is the seedbed of well-known artists and one of the major theatres of the world due to its architecture, acoustic and trajectory. Guided tours let you know the vivid history of each corner and become amazed by it. For music, opera and ballet lovers, to attend a show in one of the most important lyric theatres in the world is a must.

Puerto Madero

This quarter, located opposite the Buenos Aires coast, is the most modern area of the city. With magnificent crystal skyscrapers, fancy restaurants and fashionable nightclubs, Puerto Madero is enjoyed by rich and famous people. Nowadays it is considered the most important business centre and, furthermore, one of the touristic attractions you cannot skip when visiting Buenos Aires. Main attractions: Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s Bridge) – Nature Reserve.

San Telmo

It is one of the oldest and most traditional quarters of Buenos Aires. It is part of the Historic Area of the city and preserves a great part of its architectonic patrimony. Its cobblestone streets, low houses and patios with cisterns provide a picture that seems to be frozen in time. It also stands out for its bars, restaurants, “tanguerías” (tango salons) and, particularly, for the wide variety of antiquaries offering different kinds of products.