5th Annual Conference.
End of life Care: promoting access with excellence
IX National Meeting of the Argentine Association of Medicine and Palliative Care
First Argentine Conference on Palliative Care Research

November 8th and 9th 2018 | National Academy of Medicine | Buenos Aires | Argentina


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Thursday 8th & Friday 9th November | Open to general public

    • Rates after
    • Members of AAMYCP*/ALCP**/CAEEM*** physicians
    • $AR 2.000
    • Members of AAMYCP /ALCP/CAEEM other professions
    • $AR 1.600
    • Non members of AAMYCP/ALCP/CAEEM physicians
    • $AR 2.350
    • Non members de AAMYCP /ALCP/CAEEM other professions
    • $AR 2.000
    • Grad students & residents (certificate required)
    • $AR 1.600

*AAMYCP Asociación Argentina de Medicina y Cuidados Paliativos | **ALCP Asociación Latinoamericana de Cuidado Paliativo | ***CAEEM Consejo Académico de Ética en Medicina

PAYMENT METHODS FOR ARGENTINE RESIDENTS | Transfer or bank deposit, to the following bank account:

Account holder name: Pallium Latinoamérica Asociación Civil
Bank: BBVA Francés Bank branch: 026
Bank current account number ($AR): : 11588/3
CUIT: 30-70779404-2
CBU : 0170026820000001158832

**ALCP Asociación Latinoamericana de Cuidado Paliativos

PAYMENT METHOD FOR NON-RESIDENTS | By credit card through TODOPAGO platform, by clicking on the option of your choice.